Trust & Estate Administration

Let us help you after the loss of a loved one.

There is enough to deal with after the loss of a loved one. Whether you are dealing with a probate matter that requires court involvement, or trust administration outside of the traditional court probate process. We can assist and guide you through the process of settling an estate. We are often hired to handle the legal work necessary to administer the estate, so that our clients have the time and energy to focus on what matters, their family and loved ones.

As the executor under a will or the successor trustee of a trust there are many legal and fiduciary obligations that you are required to fulfill. Our job, as the attorney for the estate representative, is to keep you in compliance with the law and help you settle the estate in a timely and straightforward manner.


Although similar to probate administration, there are some key differences involved in estate administration. The parts of an estate that do not go through probate, such as a trust, are left to the estate administrator.

When choosing your administrator, it is important to select someone you can trust implicitly. Family members or attorneys are often appointed for this duty.

Higher amounts of wealth can often lead to a more complicated estate administration process and the administrator must be able to act as impartially as possible.

An estate administrator may be responsible for all of the following:

  • Locating trust documents
  • Terminating credit cards
  • Resolving disputes in the probate process
  • Reviewing and distributing trust allocations
  • Handling insurance needs
  • Filing tax returns


From start to finish, John Murray Law is here for you. Not only can we help in preparing your estate plan, we can help your loved ones down the road with any trust and estate administration needs when the time comes.

We believe in giving our clients the very best. The intimate size of our firm allows us to serve you in a way that many larger firms simply cannot. For a free and confidential estate planning or trust administration consultation, give us a call today!