We Offer Custom Legal Services to Fit Your Small Business Needs

It is important for any business owner to have a good working relationship with an experienced legal counselor. However, small and mid-size companies often have smaller budgets and cannot afford to hire an in-house attorney, instead relying on expensive outside counsel to handle the day-to-day legal needs of the business. Not only is this expensive, but also inefficient—outside counsel rarely has the intimate understanding needed to carry out the company’s vision. In addition, without sufficient counsel, other members of your team spend time dealing with legal matters instead of their particular area of expertise.

At McCammon & Murray we can solve all of these problems and more, by partnering with your company to provide necessary legal services. We can make sure your business or organization is in compliance with both state and federal laws and regulations, offer invaluable advice and guidance on key projects, and help with any other day-to-day needs associated with running a successful business. As your legal partner and continuous source of counsel, we will gain a thorough understanding of your business goals and objectives, as well as how you prefer to operate your business. In effect, our business law counseling will provide an affordable way for today’s business owner to enjoy the advantages of a knowledgeable in-house attorney.

We can offer our services on a flat rate basis for certain projects, monthly outsourced general counsel services, or traditional hourly billing for certain matters. We are committed to providing value to our business clients in today’s tough economy. We are flexible in our approach and view our customer’s satisfaction as priority number one.